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Why Professor, you're so full of whimsey!


I have radishes! What have you folks got?
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NOTHING...I haven't planted it too late do you think?
Not too late! Radishes only take about 3 weeks to maturation, you can grow those throughout the season. I haven't planted my tomatoes or cukes yet, I'm going to get some already-started ones from the garden store and get 'em in the ground.

So get out there and grow something green!
Just flowers this year. :(
No actual garden or even flower garden.

The place I work at donates land to one of those community gardens though so it might be a thought for next year if I stay living where I am now.

I've eaten a few lambs quarters, but that's all wild and not gardened. I've eaten other peoples rhubarb, but we don't have any ourselves. The beans are up, the tomatoes look good and my garlic is ahead of schedule. Spring garlic... oh baby! It's time isn't it? :D
I have organic 'leaf' lettuce, 'butter' lettuce, spinach and carrots growing on my balcony in 35L containers. The carrots need another month to be significant enough to eat but everything else is yummmy yummy in my tummy!
Wow! Those look great!

My peas are coing up a treat... the tomatoes are healthy, as are the tomatillos... I think I may have waitied too long to get the raspberry canes in the ground... they're very unhapppy... but the lillies... oh my god... the LILLIES! The Scent!
The Iris is in full bloom... deep purple with blue tongues... quite a shocker, esp. next to the GINORMOUS orange poppies!
All in all, the back yard's being a total show off right now... it looks like it snowed pink petals.