A rose without a thorn (frozenbitch) wrote in manitoba_garden,
A rose without a thorn

Growing things!!!

I planted tomato seeds a week ago, and two have sprouted. There are also pumpkins and arugula started in my gazebo, but I haven't checked on them yet today because of the April Fool's weather. Har har, I get it. Now quit with the snow already!

There is a BBC show, called "Grow Your Own Veg" and it's got me really excited for spring. I'm trying out a growing concept it taught me, called "the three sisters", consisting of corn, beans that will grow up the corn, and squash (pumpkin in my case) to shield the roots of the other two. I also have carrots, same as last year, but also parsnips! I drool just thinking about parsnips. I think that's it for veggies, but there are also a number of flowers waiting to go in the ground and baskets. Damn the wave petunias! They're so necessary, but so very, very expensive.

The sooner it dries up a bit, the sooner I can actually build a bed for the veggies, because the one I had last year is only big enough for herbs. I have a bunch of 20' cedar ties rescued from a friend's yard to stake out a couple of beds, but I'm not quite sure where to put them. The ideal place from an aesthetic perspective is in my front yard, but it's full of really shallow tree roots. There is also a great spot near my kitchen door, but it's full shade. Most of my yard is heavily landscaped. So, back to the drawing board.
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