Wolfmother Wallpaper (vibratingtoad) wrote in manitoba_garden,
Wolfmother Wallpaper

Need all the gardening help I can get

I've recently purchased a 67 acre property 30 mins from the perimeter from a couple who is retiring from their organic produce business, there are multiple organic gardens and two greenhouses and I am moving from a property where all I have had is a little bitty herb garden and a few tomatoes out front of my house in Headingley.

We take possession april 15th and Im wondering from you folks what I should be doing in advance of that at home, I have fairly limited space and equipment.

Keep in mind I am not planning on taking over their business and will most likely let a number of the gardens grow in because I still have a full time job.

What are my best resources for gardening in Manitoba?

Do you have any book recommendations?

planting recomendations for relatively beginner gardeners?

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